Welcome to St Mary’s Preschool 

We are here to support you and your child and to help them develop into confident and caring individuals.  Our experienced teachers create an exciting and stimulating learning environment for young minds to engage in and explore.

We are proud of our rating “exceeding the National Quality Standard”, this reflects the high standards of our program, preschool facilities and commitment to continual improvement.

What our parents say… 

  • The educators put a lot of time and effort into planning learning experiences to genuinely engage and interest our children.  We are so pleased our children have had the opportunity to attend St Mary’s.  Our family has enjoyed a great sense of community and developed friendships in our time here.

  • As soon as you enter St Mary’s, there is a sense of welcoming, friendliness and nostalgia.  The educators are nurturing and kind, and our boys always looked forward to coming.    When you collect your child at the end of the day, there are always stories of the fun experiences they have had.


Our philosophy to learning… 

Our committed and experienced teachers create an exciting and stimulating learning environment for young minds.

We believe that through learning to play, we’re learning to grow. By encouraging curiosity & confidence in children, we lay the foundation for a love of learning and skills that last a lifetime.  


Term 1:  30th January – 29th March 

Term 2: 16th April – 29th June

Term 3: 16th July – 21st September

Term 4:  8th October – 21st December 


Session Times 

4yo Koala Group 15 hours

Teacher: Amy Higgins

Educator: Heather Atkinson

Tuesday         8.30am – 4.00pm

Thursday       8.30am – 4.00pm

4yo Penguin Group 15 hours

Teacher: Emma Rowe

Educator: Cath Beckingham

Monday          11.30am – 4.30pm

Wednesday   8.30am – 1.30pm

Friday               11.30am – 4.30pm

3yo Possum Group 5.5 hours

Teacher:  Leonie Heywood

Educator: Lisa Amiet

Monday          8.30am – 11.15am

Wednesday  1.45pm – 4.30pm

Friday               8.30am – 11.15am

* Choose 2 from the 3 sessions. 

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