President’s Report

As expected Term 2 has proven to be an extremely productive and rewarding time for the St Mary’s Preschool Community.

It has been delightful to have so many children, families and staff participating in our social and fundraising activities and events. We also have several exciting projects in the pipeline (ranging from grant proposals, building improvements, landscaping design and strategic initiatives) which are made possible by our wonderful committee members volunteering their time to benefit our beautiful Preschool and it’s students.

Last month, children’s DJ & entertainer ‘Drop Till you Bop’ hosted a fun-filled Friday evening in the Preschool hall. With over 120 big & little people in attendance, this was without a doubt our most popular social event on the St Mary’s Calendar and the children certainly danced and sang to their heart’s content. Thank you to our Social Officers for organising such a wonderful event.

Our Fundraising team recently hosted a most successful Cocktail Night at The Deck in Brighton. Months of preparation went into venue & menu selection, marketing and ticket sales, and most importantly, sourcing auction items for the event from within our local community. On behalf of the Committee of Management I would like to especially thank the 70 + Bayside businesses who made generous donations to our Auction. I am thrilled to report that the Cocktail Night generated a Net Profit of approximately $7,800, which is an absolutely outstanding result. These funds will enable us to realise vision for a sensory outdoor play area and entrance redesign which are part of the Preschool’s improvement plan for this year.

Sincere thanks to our Fundraising Team for their extraordinary efforts and to our Preschool parents, staff (and non-St Mary’s families also) for attending and supporting our major fundraising event for 2017.

In addition to our social and fundraising success, St Mary’s Preschool has this term welcomed a dynamic new teacher to it’s dedicated team of staff. Daniella Ward joins us as teacher to the 4 year old Koala Group and brings with her a wealth of experience in Early Childhood Education. Daniella will be working to support the children in developing the skills and attributes necessary for a positive start to school in 2018. St Mary’s Preschool prides itself on quality of teaching and and it is with great pleasure that we welcome Daniella to our Community

Key Dates for Term 3 include:

  • Fundraising – Bunnings Sausage Sizzle – Sunday 13 August http://signup/go/ZWyvaQD
  • Social – End of Term Movie Night – ‘Sing’ – Date TBC (likely Friday 22 September)

Wishing all St Mary’s Children, Staff and families a safe and relaxing Winter break.

Olivia Collins


St Mary’s Preschool

Possum Report

The term has evolved quickly & the children continue to work & play harmoniously together. The children interact & converse well & they are really good at caring for one another. We promote resilience wherever possible so that the children build a sense of self-esteem & confidence in what they do. The children are encouraged to make positive choices as they play & interact with their peers.

We have had lovely autumn days at kinder with the sun shining to keep us warm & with the onset of winter we need to wear warm clothing & observe good health & hygiene routine. The children need to be encouraged to wipe a runny nose & correctly dispose of a used tissue & you can practise this skill at home together. It is important to keep sick children at home so as to contain the spread of winter germs.

Possum children completed their “group” artwork ready for auction at the Parent cocktail night & we continue to enjoy yoga with Sue each fortnight. The Live Reptile visit was very informative & we have added photos to your child’s portfolio book. Nosey continues to “hibernate”.

Thank-you to parent helpers—you can now add your name to the term 2 help list. Parent interviews/conversations will begin to take place so please add your name to this list also remembering that these interviews/conversations are optional

Happy winter holidays to all families—kinder finishes on Friday, June 30th & we return for the start of term 3 on Monday, July 17th

Leonie & Lisa

Penguin and Koala Report

Once again we have had a very busy month at kinder. For the past two weeks all of the children have enjoyed the Chicken hatching program. It has been great watching the children racing over to see them when first arriving at kinder.   The program is a very visual learning experience for the children.   Not only do the children see the chickens hatch, and learn about the important role of the incubator and brooder box, but also learn how to take care of them, checking their food, and water every session.

We have also had the opportunity to participate in a water safety program at Toby Haenen Swim Centre. An excursion that the children get very excited about. Thankyou to all the parents and carers who made this possible by transporting the children.   The Swim centre always does a great job providing a safe learning experience for all of the children at no cost to the kinder.

We continue our travels around the world. Recent travel has inspired a revisit to England, where the children excitedly helped to create a castle in our home corner. We popped into France to visit the Eiffel tower and had a go at repainting the famous ‘Mona Lisa’. All of the children have hiked up to Dendy Park, inspired by Hugh’s mums trip to the Kokoda trail. The Koala’s popped into India, with a very visual display provided by Taj’s Dad. We travelled through the African heartlands learning about the incredible animals that live there, and learning to dance to the rhythm of a beat. We are currently exploring the Arctic and Antarctic regions, which are perfect for how cold it is getting here in Melbourne. We have experimented with ice, and the children were surprised to discover that ice floats. We look forward to continuing our travels over the next few weeks.

The Koala group times coincided perfectly with the Brighton Secondary Community outreach program. Groups of students came to work with the children ‘making monsters’, and also teaching yoga skills. We hope we can continue building this link with the school.

Like last term for the Penguins, Bayside Council came to speak with the Koala group about Recycling. We can all help to take care of the environment in which we live, by thinking about what we place in our rubbish bins. We don’t want to live in a world full of rubbish, and by sorting our rubbish we can recycle many items.  After this visit Lilliana chatted to staff, and was impressed with the systems we already had in place at the kinder.

The Drama toolbox, have been to visit the children with a ‘circus themed’ drama activity. Over the past month both groups have loved the opportunity to put on a show, and perform with instruments. In this particular drama activity, the children all perform in the circus, as elephants, lions, tigers, tight rope walkers, clowns and prancing ponies. The costumes are fantastic, and inspire everyone to take on a role, and be an active participant. It is one of my favourite incursions, as the children become totally absorbed in it.

It has been really great getting to know Daniella the new Koala teacher, and showing her around our lovely kindergarten. We are all looking forward to working with her, and welcoming her into our kinder community.

The last day of term two for Koala’s is Thursday 29th June, and Penguins Friday 30th June.

We wish you a wonderful and safe holiday break, and look forward to seeing you all in term 3.

There are lots of things planned for term three, including a visit to Sandringham hospital; Safety around Dogs incursion; Book Week festivities; Science week, and we are still hoping to hear from the Museum outreach program.

Emma, Cath, Heather and Heather.

Upcoming Dates: 

Fathers / special person’s evening

Date: Thursday 1st September

Time: 6:15pm to 7:30pm

Thank You

Once again, many thanks to all those that volunteered their time to contribute to the recent cocktail party.