Welcome Parents 

We welcome you and your family to our community pre-school.

At the heart of our success lies a solid partnership between our parents and St Mary’s. We work hard to develop strong, trusting and genuine relationships with our families. You’re encouraged to join the journey of your child’s education by collaborating with our educators and getting involved in our community.

We believe honest, open two-way communication supports the connection with our children and helps us develop a deeper understanding of who they are and their experiences.

Events at St Mary’s

The preschool years are a social time for both children and their families, and you can make friendships that will last a lifetime. 

We encourage you to make the most of the social events and gatherings offered, such as coffee mornings, park plays, social functions and various fundraisers.

Important Information 


  • We encourage children to wear comfortable clothing that allows for freedom of movement.   Closed toe shoes that will allow children to jump, climb, run and play.
  • Children are encouraged to be independent and manage their own clothing. Lace up shoes, buttons and tight fitting clothing can be difficult for some to manage.
  • Clothing needs to be weather appropriate. Hats are provided by St Marys for wear between 1st September and 30th April.
  • We encourage active messy play, so please don’t send your child in their best clothes.
  • Always pack spare clothes, accidents can happen and children always prefer their own clothes to change into. If you could also pack a plastic or waterproof bag for any soiled clothes to be returned home in.
  • Please remember to name ALL your child’s belongings.


St. Mary’s Preschool is committed to promoting healthy foods and eating habits that ensure healthy growth and development of children.  We encourage families to pack a healthy nutritious lunch box, keeping in mind that we are a nut free preschool.

To support your children’s learning about the world in which they live, we ask you to reduce the amount of non-recyclable waste in your child’s lunchbox.   We have a worm farm for any left over fruit/ vegetables.


Each program runs a show and tell session, where special items may be shared with their friends.  These items are placed safely away, and children are not encouraged to play with them during the session.

We ask that children DO NOT bring their toys from home at any other time. Broken or lost toys can be quite distressful for children whilst at kinder.


We are a sun smart Preschool, and parents are asked to apply sunscreen to their children prior to arriving between the months of 1st Sept to 30th April.    Sunscreen is available in the foyer if you forget to do so.

Starting preschool is a big step for the child and for their parents. Most children are happy to come to St Mary’s and stay on their own, but for some this is not easy. Children enter a new environment, with unfamiliar adults, new environment and other children. Naturally children may be hesitant and your presence is important. Your confident attitude will assist your child.

The teachers are very experienced with separation anxiety and are able to work with you and your child to ensure their happy and active participation in the program.

Please always say goodbye when leaving as it is an important trust factor that they know when you are leaving and that you will return to collect them.

Aim to always be on time, and be punctual at pick up time.  Children can feel anxious if they are joining the group last or waiting to be collected.

Your child may be upset when you leave. REMEMBER children do not stay this way for long. If you are concerned, give us a call when you get home.

Parent involvement is integral to the successful operation of St Mary’s preschool as we are a community pre-school.  As such we actively encourage parents to involve themselves in kinder life.

Parent help:

Children enjoy having a parent/family member/special friend to assist in their program. This can be a rewarding experience for both visitor and the child.

Rosters are placed in the foyer each term, and we encourage you to join us regularly. Having an extra set of hands creates new learning opportunities within the program, which is always greatly appreciated.

Toddlers are welcome, but please remember they are your full responsibility.

Sharing a special skill:

If you have a special skill or knowledge, you are welcome to come to a session to demonstrate, talk or conduct an activity. In the past we have had parents play instruments, talk about their workplaces, run sports coaching sessions, or simply talk about their recent holiday destinations.

Committee of Management:

A great way to be involved in your child’s preschool experience is to join our Committee of Management.  There are a variety of roles, and all are vital to the successful running of our Preschool.  The committee is elected each year, and if you are interested in being involved we would love to hear from you.

Others ways to participate:

  • Helping with excursions
  • Collecting boxes, packets and magazines for pasting and collage
  • Participating in Fundraising and Social activities
  • Attending working bees – held once per term

We value open communication between St Mary’s and our families:

Communication files are located in the foyer, labelled with each child’s name. These files are used for notices from staff, fundraising notices and other publications. You are also welcome to use these for placing party invitations and notes to other parents as required.

A monthly newsletter is prepared and distributed electronically, a hard copy is also on display in the foyer

Each group has a notice board in the foyer. The weekly program is displayed on these noticeboards for parents to view.  Along with a calendar of events and any other current information. Current information about each program is also emailed out to families weekly.

Individual feedback about your child’s learning and progress will be given through informal discussion with staff, parent teacher interviews, and a portfolio documenting your child’s progress.  Parents are welcome to discuss any issue relating to your child’s preschool experience with your child’s teacher. This can be done after the session or by booking a time that suits.

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