Cath Beckingham4YO Penguin Group - Educator

    Brief Bio:

    Cath is currently studying a Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood). Prior to joining the St Mary’s team, Cath worked with a community pre-school and taught music classes at several early childhood organisations. Cath is passionate about nurturing a sense of community and belonging for the children and families.


    I first joined St Mary’s as a Parent & Committee member in 2013.

    In 2015 I became Co-Educator with Penguin group.

    What made you decide to join St Mary’s?

    St Mary’s is a beautiful pre-school it’s a caring, nurturing environment with truly dedicated staff . We have a huge space which means we can provide opportunities for small and large group work, both indoors and outdoors.  A lot of time and effort goes into designing a program which suits the interests of individual children, and challenges them to extend their thinking or try new ways of doing things.  I am proud to work at St Mary’s Kinder!

    3 words to sum up St Mary’s Preschool

    Nurturing, warm and friendly.

    What do you most look forward to about your days?

    I love spending time with the children; they come in every day with so much optimism and energetic enthusiasm. I love the way their imaginations are firing from the moment they arrive and they can’t wait to get to it!

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