3 Year Old Pre-school

Our three-year-old program has been carefully created to support your child throughout their first year at preschool.

Our learning philosophy centre’s around enabling children to learn through play.  Through play the children learn about their physical world. They touch, examine, test, explore, evaluate and imagine. Children need hands on exploration to promote active thinking, problem solving skills and experimentation. Sensory experiences play an important role in the 3YO program.  Repetition is also important, allowing children to practice and perfect skills and develop confidence in their own abilities.

Our learning environment encourages children to participate, and provides a variety of opportunities for motor play, language development, imaginative play and socialization.  The teachers will support the children in the development of co-operative play, listening to others, sharing and taking turns. 

Children are encouraged to be active in their own learning, and are supported in developing the skills needed to do things for themselves.

Our varied incursion program offers our 3-year olds to further their learning with visitors from the wider community. They are organized based on the children’s interests and include music/dance, yoga, reptile encounters and theatre productions. Most of all 3YO is a fun place to be, and we aim to make it a positive experience for you and your child.

What the other parents say… 

  • The educators put a lot of time and effort into planning learning experiences to genuinely engage and interest our children.  We are so pleased our children have had the opportunity to attend St Mary’s.  Our family has enjoyed a great sense of community and developed friendships in our time here.

  • As soon as you enter St Mary’s, there is a sense of welcoming, friendliness and nostalgia.  The educators are nurturing and kind, and our boys always looked forward to coming.    When you collect your child at the end of the day, there are always stories of the fun experiences they have had.

  • We are extremely happy with St Mary's we knew it was the right fit the minute we attended the open day. Next year we have a little one in both the 3 and 4 year old programs after our oldest has completed his first year as a Possum and thrived. We love the teachers, the facilities and family friendly community.

  • The community at St Mary's is such an inclusive and warm environment, and we felt at home from the first day.  Through the teachers' careful and personalised guidance, we were able to work on our daughters social and communication skills, also through the many programs offered, such as PMP and Yoga. We love St Mary's and owed a lot to its teachers and parents.

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