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Welcome back to all our St Mary’s families to what is shaping up to be an exciting Term 3. We have lots happening!

This term on August 23rd we have our kinder disco, which is always a fun filled evening. The children dance the night away and it’s a wonderful opportunity to catch up with all the other parents.

We also have our Vision Portrait fundraiser happening on September 8th. The portraits are fantastic because the children feel so comfortable in their kinder environment that it’s easy to get some brilliant shots. It’s an easy way to get involved in our fund raising. Everybody will have received an email from our Secretary Kate Blake about how to book a session for the day.

We have had lots happening at kinder as of late.

We have replaced the big tree (which sadly died) with a brand new one, next to the cubby in our bush kinder area. The Penguin group thoroughly enjoyed helping Emma and Annie with the planting!

Nosey, our resident turtle, has gone into hibernation for the winter. Nosey was unwell last year and couldn’t hibernate, so this has been a great learning opportunity for the children who missed out on seeing this interesting process. Although we do miss Nosey while he’s sleeping, we have had someone else to keep us company this term – our new friend Boris, the Blue Tongue Lizard! Boris came from one of Emma’s friends and is incredibly friendly and sociable and he loves spending time with the children.

Last term we had quite a lot happen in the social and fund raising departments.

Lots of our families came along to our annual kinder movie night. After a couple of technical problems, we watched Toy Story and enjoyed a sausage sizzle, fruit platters and of course the obligatory pop corn. Many of our parents remember watching the very same film during their primary school years, and it’s obviously still a favourite. Thank you Katrina Brown for loaning us your projector for the evening.

The children enjoyed collecting the earn and learn stickers from Woolworths. We collected over 6000 stickers and have used them to purchase some outdoor equipment and other educational tools. Kate will post some photos on Facebook once they arrive.

Picture Plates were popular across all of our kinder groups. Most families purchased their children’s designs and we raised $840 – a fantastic effort. Thank you to our class reps for organising this great fundraiser.

We had our Bunnings sausage sizzle on Election day this year and it was a hit. I would like to thank Kate Hilton, Lia and Peter Nunn, Emma O’Donohue, Ben Craig, Nicole Hadzisejic, Steven Gaskill, Rhys Henderson, Rachel O’Donnell, Brad Mischel, David Johnson and Carla O’Brien for all their incredibly hard work . Special mention goes to Kate Blake who worked tirelessly for days before organising all the food and equipment, then set up at the crack of dawn and stayed all day cooking, washing, selling and doing runs to buy more sausages. We cooked over 70kg of sausages and raised over $1500!

Our main fund raiser this year was the Trivia Night, held at St Andrew’s church hall. There was a lot of planning and thought put into the evening and all who attended said it was a fabulous evening. We were lucky enough to receive hundreds of donations of items to auction from local businesses and also from many of our families. The trivia was such a laugh, and the company and conversation was great. The children’s artworks were very popular auction items! With all our ticket sales and auctions we managed to raise $6500 which is an outstanding effort. I would like to thank Lia Nunn (Fundraising) for the countless hours she spent organising our event and chasing donations. Special mentions go to Louise Scales (Admin), Kate Blake (Secretary), Carla O’Brien (Enrolments), Kate Hilton (Marketing), Lisa Perret (Treasurer), Sophie Craig (Social), and our class reps Nicole Hadzisejic, Kiley Stubbings and Rachel O’Donnell for all their efforts in collecting donations, blowing up balloons and general hard yakka. A big thank you is also in order to all our generous donors.

Finally, the day to day running of our kinder is no easy feat. It takes many committee members hours of work behind the scenes. We are so lucky to have a fantastic Committee of Management for 2019, it’s been an absolute pleasure working with everybody so far. A special mention to Kate Blake, our Secretary. Many of you will recognise her name from the special correspondence you receive in your inbox, or you will recognise her smiling face from kinder, given she has been a St Mary’s parent since 2016. She is the right hand man to all of us on the committee and I couldn’t manage without her. Carla O’Brien, our enrolments officer, is another person I couldn’t live without. The hours of work she puts in mean that we have the fantastic classes we have at the kinder today. These are volunteer positions, like all our other Committee members. Our Annual General Meeting is coming up and this is when we seek Committee of Management for the following year, There will be many positions open as a lot of our members are 4 year old parents who are leaving the kinder to move on to primary school, If you are interested in contributing your time and expertise to the running of the kinder, please contact either myself or Kate Blake – we would love to hear from you.

Madeleine Power

St Mary’s Pre-School

Penguin Report

Welcome to term three!  It is always a great term, one where the children are always looking for new challenges, and keen to participate in projects whether it be in a group or individually.                                                              

Over the next month we will be celebrating both National Science Week and Book Week.  In the lead up to Book Week we will be immersing ourselves in ‘literacy’.  The children will be working on their own picture books, taking the role of both author and illustrator.  We will also be working on a group film which the children have just started writing the story for today.  A story about a cheeky witch who lives amongst the trees at Dendy Park.  The children’s ideas were amazing, and we look forward to expanding on this over the next few sessions.  Hopefully a film premier in Book Week all going well.  To support our love of stories and books, Janet our local Brighton librarian will be visiting to share the books nominated for children’s book of the year, and we will also enjoy participating in a drama activity run by the Drama Toolbox.                                                      

Even though Science Week is celebrated over one week, we plan to create opportunities to experience ‘Science’ and STEM  (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) over the course of the term (year).  A few weeks ago, I spent the morning in the Koala group, and watched a child inspire his peers to use one of the construction sets to create a holder for the musical egg shakers, an example of a STEM based activity.  It was wonderful watching their ideas unfold, with all the children participating with enthusiasm and persistence.  We later set the same challenge for the Penguin group, and were impressed with the variety of ideas the children experimented with, and the success they experienced.  We have since followed this up with plastic up tower challenge, & creating marble runs.  Over the past weeks we have used magnets to discover everything magnetic around the kinder; introduced and learnt about our new pet Boris, and experimented with making soap slime.                                          

We are very lucky to have our own ‘Fireman Sam’ as a Dad in our kinder group.  Last term he came to speak to the children about Fire Safety, and this term we are very excited to be heading to the Windsor Fire Station by bus to experience what a Fire station is all about.                                               

Over the course of the year we have been learning about some of the different ways we can look after our environment: germinating seeds and growing our own food; thinking about rubbish, what can we recycle and re-use; turning lights off when we are not using them; using our fruit and vegetable leftovers for our worm farm; using our rainwater tank to flush our toilets; and not using plastic straws.  We are now going to look at how we can reduce the plastic that we use and throw away, and this is an area that you can support us with.  It would be great to see our lunchboxes all plastic free.                                                                                                             

Over the past few weeks we have been focusing on what it is to be a ‘Super Friend’.  It is now great to hear the children refer to themselves as a ‘super friend’ when being kind, caring or helpful to their friends.                               

We are looking forward to a busy and productive term at kinder, full of fun, friendship and lots of learning.  Please look at the dates below, and add them to your diary.  Emma & Annie

  • Friday 16th August – Windsor Fire Station excursion
  • Friday 23rd August – Brighton Library
  • Friday 23rd August – Book Week Fancy Dress
  • Wednesday 4th September – Fathers Day special event
  • Last day of term – Football colours and ‘Have a Ball’ Fundraiser

Emma Rowe & Annie Xu

Penguin Educators

Koala Report

Hello everyone, welcome to term 3 of kinder.  The Koala’s have had a fun and exciting term two at kinder.  Here are some of the things we enjoyed.                                                                                                                           

Nature Walk – The group went for a walk around the local area wearing our high-vis safety jackets.  We discovered the leaves were changing colours during the season of autumn.  We collected a variety of red, yellow and orange leaves.                                                                                                        

Suessical the Musical – We walked to St Finbar’s school and had a front row view of the musical.  We really enjoyed the great songs and amazing costumes.                                                                                                      

Mothers Day Afternoon tea – The children baked special treats for their Mum’s and created flower bouquets.  A special thank you to everyone who joined us for such a lovely afternoon at kinder.                                           

Thingle Toodle Road Safety – Professor Eric spoke to us about how to cross the road.  He taught as to 1. Stop 2. Look 3. Listen 4. Think!                           

Show and Tell – The children brought in some fascinating items into kinder including real gold, crystal gems, special maps, musical instruments and of course Max the puppy!                                                                                        

Fruit and Vegetable Challenge – The Koala group completed a challenge and tasted as many fruit and vegetables as possible in a week.  The children did amazing – well done everyone.  As a group we had fruit tasting session and made tasty home-made soup.

National Reconciliation Week: We learned about our shared histories, indigenous cultures and inclusion. The Koalas acknowledge that the Boon Wurrung people were the original inhabitants of the Kulin nation. The children created some beautiful aboriginal art pieces.

Dance Class: We had a brilliant dance class at Kinder and practised some funky dance moves. A special thank you to Miss Courtney from Brighton Dance Academy for offering this incursion to us.

Pyjama and Teddy Bear Day: The children (and staff) had a super cosy day at Kinder in our pyjamas. We made some yummy warm popcorn and watched a movie with our teddies and friends.

Sports Class: The class has been participating in sports class with the amazing Heather. Heather has been working with the children to build on the gross motor development, balance, hand-eye coordination and of course teamwork skills.

Friendship Tree: Heather has done some beautiful beading with the group and hung them on our special friendship tree in the outdoor area. It is lovely to see such a colourful decorated tree.

Bayley House: Barr has volunteered in the Koala group every Tuesday. The children are developing great friendships with Barr. Thank you, Barr, for all your help.

Birds and Group Art Piece: We all worked together to create a beautiful art piece for our Fundraiser. Each child designed and decorated their own individual birds which we placed together in a frame to create the masterpiece ‘Birds of a Feather’

Fire Engine: We unexpectedly had the opportunity to look at some fire engines and have a chat with the firemen outside Kinder.

Mad Science Incursion: The Koalas experimented with different science themes, including magnetism, electricity, chemistry, forces, light & colour, and mini beasts.

  • Koala Term 3 Dates for your diary:
  • 2nd August – Sports Class
  • 6th August – Little Woodworkers Incursion
  • 9th August – Sports Class
  • 13th August – Science week – Exploring Space & Brighton Librarian visit
  • 15th August – Sports Class
  • 20th August – Book Week Fancy Dress Day
  • 22nd August – Sports Class & Discovering Ancient Egypt
  • 27th August – Nature Walk
  • 29th August – Sports Class & Pizza Making. Fathers and Special Friends Day Evening 5:30-6:30pm
  • 3rd September – Oxfam Fundraiser ‘Crazy Hair Day’
  • 5th September – Sports Class
  • 10th September – Baking – Grandparents & Special Friends Morning Team 11am-12pm
  • 12th September – Sports Day at Dendy Park
  • 17th September – Educational Show and Tell
  • 19th September – Last day or Term – Sports Class

Amy Higgins, Heather Atkinson & Karen Revill

Koala Educators

Possum Report

The children have returned from the winter holiday break with holiday stories to tell- some children have visited the snow-fields, some have been interstate & some have spent time with siblings on school holidays.  I hope we have all returned feeling a little healthier & we hope to keep the winter bugs away. We look forward to some sunny days & warmer weather

The children are showing increased independent skills as they interact with their kinder peers & much confidence has been gained by all children attending. Language & communication skills improve & social & physical skills further develop. Spontaneous play enables children to process their world & to learn to play harmoniously with others. They can also communicate & share their ideas & knowledge with their peers & practise skills needed as they grow.

Some of the skill areas that we work toward & encourage include—language when the children speak in sentences, ask & answer questions, shares information & stories & takes part in conversations with others. Social skills include developing independence , playing with others & sharing & co-operating with peers.  Some physical skills include dressing, hopping, jumping, running, climbing, scissor cutting, correct crayon grip, toileting, playing ball games. Cognitive skills may include following simple rules & routines & instructions, recalls events & information, sorting & matching objects, prolonged concentration span, recognising some numbers & letters. The skills list can be endless at this age as children develop & learn at different rates & at different times. remember there is a huge age gap within the group & we are working towards some skill level with your child every day.

Parent interviews/conversations have been taking place during recent weeks. If you would like to re-schedule a time to meet please see Leonie to arrange a suitable time   

The children really enjoyed the end of term incursion. The “under the sea” drama presentation was an interactive show where the children were encouraged to dress-up in costumes to become part of the story being told. The theme was about sustainability & saving the oceans from pollution. ( see portfolio entries & journal for further information & photos)

The Live Reptile Show will visit on Wednesday August 7th for A & C groups with another incursion scheduled for term 4. (Overall, each sub-group will see 2 incursions)

 Show & Tell continues this term so please encourage your child to participate if they wish to. it is a fun time to listen to the children speak in front of the group & we have seen many interesting items & listened to many different stories

We welcome Boris, the blue tongue lizard to St Marys—he is our new kinder pet in the tank & sometimes he likes to have a walk around in an enclosure

We continue to have work experience students from St Leonards College & student teachers helping us & learning with us in Possum group throughout the term. We look forward to term 3 with the Possum group children watching further growth in each & every child.

Leonie & Lisa

Possum Group Educators

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  •  Disco – Friday 23rd August
  • Vision Portrait Fundraiser – 8th September
  • Comedy Night – Friday 15th November

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