Heather Atkinson4YO Koala Group - Educator

    Brief Bio:

    Heather is our most consistent and longest serving member of the team – having been with St Mary’s for almost 30 years! This stability and commitment gives Heather a strong community connection having grown to know many local families as their children attended St Mary’s.  Warm and energetic, Heather shares ideas, supports the teachers and creates a welcoming environment which makes our children’s days happy and complete.



    Describe your teaching style in 3 words.

    Energetic,Colourful and Organised

    What is your proudest moment/favourite thing to happen to you at St Mary’s?

    I’m proud to be part of the staff team at St Marys over the many years I have worked alongside 8 different wonderful teachers, always working together to share ideas and to develop learning, happiness, and an independence in the children’s year at kinder.

    What one thing would you say to a parent thinking about enrolling their child at St Mary’s?

    St Marys has a great reputation in the Brighton area and it’s a wonderful place and a great start for learning.  We can make your child’s year at St Marys special with lots of fun happiness and amazing learning days ahead.

    3 words to sum up St Mary’s Kinder.

    Caring, Friendly and Spontaneous

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