Lisa Amiet3YO Possum Group - Educator

    Brief Bio:

    Lisa brings to St Mary’s a wonderful ability to connect with the children, and a commitment to seeing them grow and develop as individuals.  She often works behind the scenes to ensure the classrooms are set up for maximum enjoyment and learning for the children.  Lisa has teenage children and draws on her experience as a mother to problem solve and create learning experiences in the classroom.  



    What do you most look forward to about your days?

    No two days are ever the same here!I look forward to spending my time with enthusiastic, inquisitive, energetic little people that have a thirst for knowledge and a passion for fun. I love seeing the children solve problems, demonstrate care and affection for one another and create elaborate imaginary role play situations.

    3 words to sum up St Mary’s Kinder.

    Fun, busy and full of happiness.

    What is your proudest moment/favourite thing to happen to you at St Mary’s?

    My favourite thing is helping to equip the children with the skills which they will use every day in their life such as communicating, sharing and learning independence. When I see their progression it gives me such a sense of pride – in knowing that I have contributed in some way.

    Describe your teaching style in 3 words.

    Patient, nurturing and caring.

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