NoseyKinder Pet

    Brief Bio:

    The kindergarten has a turtle called Nosey.  Nosey has been with us for a very long time and hibernates during the winter.  He loves to play outside with the children in the summer, and they enjoy the responsibility of feeding him and cleaning his tank.


    I have been at St Mary’s for over 25 years!  

    What is your role at St Mary’s?

    I am an Eastern  long-necked aquatic turtle.  My name is Nosey.

    Describe your teaching style in 3 words.

    When the children arrive at kinder, I get very excited and often splash around to let them know to come over and say hello.  I also splash around to remind them to give me lunch!  Every year in winter, I go into hibernation so the children can learn about this important and fascinating area of science.

    3 words to sum up St Mary’s Kinder.

    Entertaining, friendly and fun.

    What is your favourite children’s book?

    Turtle Splash (because it’s what I like to do!)

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