Trish Bull4YO Koala Group - Teacher
    Brief Bio:

    Trish has a Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood) and has many years experience teaching in community kindergartens. She often relieves at St Mary’s and is delighted to now be joining the wonderful team as the teacher of Koala Group. She has a passion for nature, music and movement and Indigenous culture all of which are embedded in the Kindergarten program.

    Her view is that respectful relationships with children and their families are at the core of everything we do. She believes children are capable, competent, curious and creative learners that actively contribute to their learning in many ways. The program which is play-based in partnership with intentional teaching emerges from the childrens ideas, interests and needs. Trish aims to support and guide each child in developing the skills and learning dispositions to foster confidence, well-being and a love of learning. Above all, Trish values fun and happiness at Kindergarten.



    What made you decide to join St Mary’s?

    St Mary’s has a warm, friendly and inclusive community vibe with a committed and dedicated team of educators. It is the most beautiful kindergarten for children to be, belong and become.

    3 words to sum up St Mary’s Preschool:

    Inspiring, Happy and Fun!

    What do you most look forward to about your days?

    I love listening to all the childrens amazing thoughts, ideas and conversations. Seeing the discovery on a child’s face when they see or learn something new, those ‘light bulb moments’ are very special. It’s a privilege to be part of the excitement as the children take their next steps in their learning journey.

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