Emma Rowe4YO Penguin Group - Educational Leader

    Brief Bio:

    Emma has a Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood.  Throughout her career she has taught in many local Kindergarten centres and spent time over in the UK as a primary school integration aide.  As well as teaching the 4yo Penguin Group, Emma provides staff leadership and oversight of the educational program at St Marys. Emma’s role is to create an environment where our families and colleagues feel special, unique and important.



    3 words to describe your teaching style.

    Interactive, spontaneous and fun.

    What do you most look forward to about your days?

    I love the ‘unknown’ spontaneity that each new day brings. The creative and enthusiastic energy children bring to everything they do. Watching the sense of achievement in children’s faces when they complete a task and seeing them grow and learn together is so rewarding.

    4 things to sum up St Mary’s Kinder 

    Wonderful community, supportive committee, great staff and fantastic resources

    What is your proudest moment/favourite thing to happen to you at St Mary’s?

    My favourite time of the year is when our Penguin group work on their design projects.

    It is a crazy few weeks culminating in incredibly unique creations.  The children use all the skills they have been developing throughout the year in the process of creating them, and watching their pride in their work is definitely one of my favourite moments.

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