Leonie Heywood3YO Possum Group - Teacher

    Brief Bio:

    Leonie holds a Diploma in Early Childhood teaching, and leads our 3yo Possum groups.  She has a caring and nurturing attitude, and encourages each child’s uniqueness and personality.  Her programs allow children to choose their activities, and she enjoys watching the children grow in independence.  



    Describe your teaching style in 3 words:

    Calm, relaxed and spontaneous.

    What do you most look forward to about your days?   

    I love my job because no two days are ever the same. When I see the children learning and  progressing it gives me such a sense of pride – knowing that I have contributed in some way.  Hearing a child laugh and seeing them achieve a goal makes any day a good day.

    What is your proudest moment/favourite thing to happen to you at St Mary’s?

    40 yrs of teaching three and four year olds and lucky to have my grandchildren come through St.Mary’s. I also feel proud watching each child’s progress and development during the short time they spend in Possum Group and being part of their learning process.

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